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Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the blog, what is the person like, or want to know a little more about them? Well, I was so excited to be asked by Trish at Tags Thoughts to join the Tour Through Blogland. You can find her post here. She shared some great photos of her newest home and a glimpse into her world behind the blog. Thank you for the invite Trish!

What’s a Tour Through Blogland you ask… It’s a tour of blogs where each person shares a glimpse into their life behind their blog. It’s pretty fun to be a part of, and I’m so glad you are here to learn a little more about me, and what goes on behind Krafts and Kiddos, or around my home at least.

At the end of my post I will pass the tour over to 3 other bloggers that will continue the tour next week. Make sure you stop by and check out their amazing blogs. So let’s get our tour started……

Krafts and Kiddos tour through blogland

Welcome to my Home

Welcome to my home, thank you for following along on this fun tour through blogland. I’m going to show you some of my favorite pieces of art around the house, or things I enjoy hanging on the walls. Maybe even my favorite room. Sit, back, relax and enjoy the tour.

Every morning my Mr. Coffee is probably the first person I talk to… well, since I love my cup o’ coffee this is where I start my days at least. I set the timer before I rise, and it’s probably still dark outside, but dear ol’ Mr. Coffee is waiting for me.

Krafts and Kiddos tour through blogland

Family rules is a sign I hung up because I just love all it stands for. Great reminders for the kids, my hubby, and me to just smile and enjoy life! I have a thing for quotes anyway, so this subway wall art was perfect for our place. It’s hanging proudly near our back yard doorway.

Krafts and Kiddos tour through blogland

When I have time to sit back and read a book, or watch a movie, this is my favorite room in the house. This is our cozy family room. In the winter it’s perfect with a fire going and we even add a miniature Christmas tree here, so it’s very comforting and one of my favorite areas to be.

Krafts and Kiddos tour through blogland

Next up, my 6 foot tall wall clock. Yes, it’s kind of amazing, I know 😉 It’s honestly one of my favorite pieces of artwork/furniture in our house. It hangs on this huge wall at the bottom of our staircase, it’s the perfect addition to the otherwise empty wall space.

Tour through blogland

Upstairs between my kids bedroom I made this collage. Since my kids truly are my sunshine, my only sunshine…I really enjoyed creating this colorful collage of the kiddos. It’s hanging up showcasing some of their sweet photos as they grow.

Krafts and kiddos Tour through blogland

When we moved into this home, I never imagined we’d have a master bedroom as large as this one. The photos don’t really show you, but our master is very large – like huge! We have a bed, and added two seating areas because it’s so large. Below is the first seating area I put together.

Krafts and Kiddos Tour through Blogland

I created another little seating area for myself. It’s like a little mommy nook you could say. I can use my laptop, read a book, and/or watch TV all from this cozy leather chair. Definitely my relaxing zone after the kids tucker out for the day, and I get to enjoy some quiet “mom” time.

Krafts and Kiddos tour through blogland

I seem to have so many favorite quotes and sayings hanging up on my walls, here’s another I’m sharing. This hangs in our bathroom but it’s a cute saying and puts a smile on my face, so why not show you.

Krafts and Kiddos tour through blogland

Question 1: What am I working on

Well, I wish I could tell you some rocket space-ship or a new medicine to cure an illness, but instead it’s a million bitty things clicking inside my busy-mom brain. I am putting together so many exciting posts for this month, new projects, crafts, writing ideas down and brainstorming. I’m putting bits and pieces of all kinds of projects together, to share with you.

Question 2: How does my work differ from that of others in my genre

Of course every blog is unique, and that’s what makes us all enjoy what we do so much. Writing and sharing ideas with you is a passion I have. There are certainly lots of other family fun blogs around, but I try to add my own spunkiness to each blog post and share a piece of my happiness with you. I truly enjoy blogging, even if I am a newbie, I certainly have a passion to share ideas, photos, and stories through my blog. When I write at Krafts and Kiddos I try to share things that truly make me happy to write about, I hope it shows when you read it.

Question 3: Why do I write and create what I do

I have to admit, when I first told my friends and family I was starting a blog some didn’t really know what a blog was. I thought I’d be sharing my little part of the blogosphere with only my family. I’m happy to say, my blog is growing. I’m meeting some wonderful people, who come read what I write about, it thrills me, and puts a smile on my face.  I keep writing and sharing bits of my world because it makes me happy, I have a passion for it, and I enjoy meeting so many new people along the way, and creating connections.

Question 4: What is your writing process

Well.. this answer isn’t super straightforward because before I sit down to blog….my family life comes first. I’m a stay at home mom so I’m busy all day long – which leaves mostly the evenings to write about all those ideas.

I usually write ideas down in my journal, phone, or pad of paper if that’s all that is nearby. I even write notes in my cell phone if an idea pops into my head and I can’t get to my journal. What would we do without cell phones, right?

As long as the kids are in bed or quietly playing I am able to focus my writing and hit “publish” to share with you. Here’s my handy laptop I use for most of my blogging. It’s not fancy but she’s a keeper.

Krafts and Kiddos tour through blogland

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my life, as part of the Tour Through Blogland and had some FUN too!

Krafts and Kiddos tour through blogland

Now I’d like to introduce the other wonderful bloggers who will be joining us next Monday, August 25th on the tour. I’m excited to pass the tour over to…..

Meet Susen from Dabbling Momma

Susen from Dabbling Mama

Dabbling Momma blog explores fun ways to be creative with the kids. I am a wife and stay at home Mommy to an 8 and 3 year old. I have been fortunate enough to be home with both of my kids since my son was born in 2005. I have always loved to do crafts and learning activities with my children. I enjoy finding new, fun and creative ways to teach my 3 year old daughter and I am excited to share it with all of you too!!

Three things you may not know about her: She loves reading with her children, Starbucks lattes, & living in the moment.

You can connect with Susen on her blog Dabbling Momma, Facebook, Pinterest, or over on Google+

Meet Julie from Girl on the Move

Julie at Girl on the Move blog

Julie from Girl on the Move has a great blog. “On the Move”…that’s what my life is about.  I love traveling, cooking, entertaining, running, my family, crafting, reading, and sports.  Rarely a day passes by where I am not on the move doing something or going somewhere.  I love trying new things and am always up for a challenge!

Three things you may not know about her: She loves Running, Traveling & Cupcakes

You can connect with Julie from Girl on the Move, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or over on Instagram.

Meet Mel from Melly Moments

Mel at Melly Moments

Stop by and visit Mel from Melly MomentsShe is a teacher turned stay-at-home mom…enjoying the adventures of parenthood, while discovering the value of everyday moments!

Three things you may not know about her:

1.  Spending time outdoors!! I love playing sports, being in the water, and trying adventurous activities.
2.  Creating!!  Whether it’s through photography, DIY projects, or putting together gift baskets, I love to make things!
3.  A good conversation that involves a glass of wine and loads of laughter!  It can really make your day!

You can connect with Mel over on her blog Melly Moments, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, or Pinterest

Thanks for stopping by today and learning a little more about my life and what goes on at home behind the blog, and of course meeting a few other bloggers today. Did you learn something new about our blog today? I’d love to hear what you thought of my tour!!!!!

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    • says

      Hi Julie, aren’t these tours fun?! I’m really enjoying it myself. A super great post to put together and I get to see yours next week! Glad you appreciate my clock, it’s honestly one of my favorite pieces on our walls, it’s huge!

    • says

      Hi Leilani! I’m with ya, I love to see these tours, a lot of fun! I could’ve kept on going and going with pics of the house, but decided to stop – just showing my favorites. I’m glad you enjoyed my little part of the blogland :)

    • says

      Thank you Ashley, I’m glad you liked my tour and look behind the blog. This sure was a lot of fun to write, and take part in. I just popped over to your blog and love it!!! So many great ideas, I’m now following you on Pinterest and FB. Enjoy your week and thanks for popping by!

    • says

      Aww, thanks Bree. I love joining you ladies each week at Party in your Pj’s, it’s become one of my favorites!!! I’m glad you like my tour thru blogland, it was a lot of fun to share a little of my home, and my favorite things. Have a great week.

    • says

      Aw, thanks Susen. I loved your tour today too! Your home is beautiful and cozy. I felt like stopping by to sit on the porch with you guys, the garden is just gorgeous! I’m so glad you joined the tour, lots of fun!

    • says

      Thanks Michelle, I love Creative Spark! Thank you for checking out my tour through blogland. I found that metal cabinet at Home Goods, such a great store!!!

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