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Today, I am excited to share with you a back to school notebook we made for the upcoming school year. I can’t believe summer is over, we started school about a week ago, already. It’s once again, time to pack up the kids backpacks, lunches, and head out to school. Of course, they can’t forget a notebook. These easy to make back to school notebooks are perfect for kids of all ages to use throughout the whole school year.

What I love most about these back to school notebooks is they do not break the bank when you make them + you can use items unique to your child. I decided to make two notebooks because they are so simple to create and just adorable once you’re done.
Are you ready to make your next back to school notebook. Then let’s get started.


Here’s what you’ll need:


1. Composition book. We got ours at the dollar store, but with back to school season, most stores sell these books for less than $1.
2. Chalkboard Paint. I used Americana brand 2 oz bottle
3. Sponge brush
4. Decorative ruler ribbon. I just lucked out at a craft store while traveling, they had this unique ribbon. If you can’t find this type, you could use scrapbook paper, a real ruler, or decorative tape.
5. Hot glue gun
6. Crayons (4)
7. Mod Podge
8. Child’s school photo – wallet size, or you could use any photo your child picks to be their favorite. Just trim a larger photo down to size, or just use a wallet sized school photo like we did (no cutting down to size, needed).


make your own notebooks for school


Since we made two of these adorable notebooks, because I couldn’t have just one, of course. I’ll take you through making the one with a school photo and crayons.

1. Paint your notebook with chalkboard paint until completely covered. Once dry, repeat this step until you find the look you want. I did about 3 coats. I think it really just depends on which type/brand of composition books you buy.
2. Once dry, measure your book to find the center to place your school photo. We used a wallet size photo.
3. Apply Mod Podge to the back of your wallet sized photo and firmly press the photo in place in the center of your notebook.
4. Apply a coat of Mod Podge over the top of your photo once in place, let dry.
5. Now you can turn on your hot glue-gun and begin applying crayons as your border. You only need a small amount of glue along the paper portion of the crayon, only. If you put glue onto the actual wax part of the crayon it will melt. Yes you probably already knew that, but I accidentally made that mistake before. So, just a little bit of glue on the back of the crayon wrapper will work perfect!
6. Continue adding your crayons to make a border around your photo and you’re all set.


These notebooks really are so easy to make I decided to make two! Now let’s make our next notebook for back to school.


1. Paint your notebook with chalkboard paint until completely covered. Once dry, repeat this step until you find the look you want. I did about 3 coats. I think it really just depends on which type/brand of composition books you buy.

2. Once dry, measure your notebook from the top left corner to the bottom left corner using your decorative ruler ribbon. If you don’t have ribbon like ours, you can always use a piece of school themed back to school scrapbook paper, or even a regular ruler.

3. Cut your ribbon of choice to fit the length of the notebook and glue firmly in place using your glue-gun.

make your own back to school notebook

4. If you have a chalk-pen you can write a special back to school message for your child or use regular chalk and have your child write a note of their choice.

Now you have another option to make a fun notebook for your kids to use all year long. They can use chalk and write any message to customize their books. They truly are so easy, inexpensive to make, and a unique notebook for kids of all ages to enjoy.

make a back to school notebook

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I hope you enjoyed my notebook tutorial today. It’s a fun and an easy idea your kids can help create and enjoy throughout the school year. Do your kiddos enjoy having their own special notebook or journal for writing?

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      Thanks for stopping by Michelle from Bloggers Brag, always a great party! I love chalkboard paint too, and this is super easy and inexpensive to create.

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      Aww, thanks Leilani! I love your posts too! You ladies are always having fun. These notebooks are like 2 for $1 right now with back to school + the chalkboard paint and your set, have fun!

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      I love the Pin It Party, thanks for hosting!! Great projects being shared to pin. I’m glad you like our notebook, my daughter likes them so much, we made two of them! Have a great weekend.

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      Oh Susen, yes….. chalkboard paint is AMAZING! I love it. I’m always looking for something to paint with it, lol. I do hope you get to try making a notebook even for yourself, because they are super cute. I made myself one too!

    • says

      Thanks Charlee, you’re right I would’ve loved this too as a kid. We liked this project so much so we made two, I wanted to keep one and of course my daughter snatched it as hers…. I can’t blame her, too fun. Thanks for stopping by.

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      Thank you Jill! I completely agree, I love chalkboard paint too. These are so easy to create and fun for the kids to enjoy. Thank you for including as a feature this week!

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      Hi Trish, I was thrilled to find a small sized chalkboard paint too and it’s inexpensive and goes a long way. Thank you for sharing, much appreciated. Enjoy your week!


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